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A Poem I Wrote Today May 21, 2009

Posted by presto21 in Music.

Fuck That Humble Mumble

It’s non-negotiable that

I can be a little too devotional,

To the cause of my own demise.


Hold up.

Does that come as a surprise?

Your hands choking your dreams?

Take a card, wait in line.

You’re never going to get out of your mind.

When the cracker crumbles,

You fumble.

This isn’t the jungle.

And even if it was,

You wouldn’t play that game.

But the clock keeps ticking.

It’s all about you.

And you’re too scared.

You’re too comfortable.



Fuck it,

I’ll do it anyway.

Think I’ll just re-route my dreams.

Thanks OutKast.


1. jflack4prez - June 1, 2009


…truth be told!

2. incognito4peace - May 23, 2009

me too

3. jflack4prez - May 21, 2009

nice dude, I like it.

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