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Any thoughts on President Obama’s SC Pick? May 26, 2009

Posted by incognito4peace in Just Curious, Politics.

President Obama today nominated federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. Does anyone have any thoughts on the appointment?


1. jflack4prez - May 28, 2009

well put

2. jflack4prez - May 26, 2009

I’m happy shes a racial minority and a woman. Knowing little about her background, or even what qualifies a supreme court justice, it is nice to see the third woman, and the first Hispanic join the ranks of the Supreme Court.

And to people that say race or sex is not a reason to pick someone, but rather the choice should be based on qualification, I say: I find it very hard to believe that the past 108 supreme court justices who were all white, upper-class, males, were actually the most qualified for the job. I find it hard to believe that race and sex have historically had nothing to do with the decision.

Race and sex have always influenced the decision to nominate justices and its good to see Obama acknowledging that, and attempting to correct an injustice.

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