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Sports going more corporate June 5, 2009

Posted by agstick in Sports and Entertainment.
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Just when you thought America couldn’t become more commercialized, here comes the WNBA.  Probably overlooked by most sports fans, two WNBA teams – the Phoenix Mercury and the Los Angeles Sparks – have agreed to major sponsorship deals with LifeLock and Farmers Insurance respectively that will land corporate logos front and center on their jerseys.  These will be the first type of sponsorship of this kind in the country in a sport other than soccer.  The sponsorhip deals are obviously extremely beneficial for the WNBA financially and for the future of the leauge.  As a league always looking for increasing popularity, the trust that these two companies have invested in the league with is encouraging.  Furthermore, one of the only female basketball players that any non WNBA fan can name – Lisa Leslie – is in her final season of her career and will be attracting more viewers than normal to the leauge…a prime time for Farmers Insurance to grab this deal.

 Diana Taurasi poses with LifeLock CEO Todd Davis.

Diana Taurasi poses with LifeLock CEO Todd Davis.


1. jflack4prez - June 6, 2009

That’s an interesting business move by the Sparks and the Mercury. What is to stop MLB teams, NFL teams, and other professional sports teams from doing the same? Those leagues’ licensing agreements must prohibit it. Otherwise, why would any team not do it.

I’m happy to see the WNBA doing it. I don’t really care about the corporatizing of the sport (not saying you do.) I also wouldn’t care if baseball or football did this, but I suspect there would be much more opposition to the corporatization of Americas “pastime,” baseball. Fans who believe their team has a tradition would certainly protest.

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