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Health Care From the House June 19, 2009

Posted by Afflatus in Healthcare.

The House of Representatives released today the outline of their health care reform bill. The Politico covers the story here. The House proposal would establish a public insurance option, expand Medicaid, and require employers to provide coverage or pay a tax (play or play). This bill is more alligned with my ideal reforms than either of the bill proposals being discussed in the Senate currently.

The main lobbying firm for the private health insurance providers is a firm called America’s Health Insurance Plans. Their spokesman, Robert Zirkelbach, obviously criticized the bill. He argued, mistakenly, that the government-run insurance option would “dismantle employer-based coverage, add additional liabilities to the federal budget and turn back the clock on efforts to improve the quality and safety of patient care.”

This statement is so blatantly wrong that it is clear he represents a special interest group, the private insurance companies.

In fact, the public option would not “dismantle employer-based coverage”; on the contrary, it would maintain that framework, and reform within it. The house proposal mandates that employers ‘play or pay’ — they must provide insurance or pay a tax which will help fund the public insurance option.

The rest of Zirkelbach’s statement are nonsensical, egregious lies.


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