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Timeline for House Health Care Bill July 21, 2009

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Here’s a clear and informative piece. This type of information is insufficiently understood and known; thus I re-post it here. (And because my previous health care “update” is laughably outdated)….


America’s Affordable Health Choices Act: Implementation Timeline

from CAF BLOG!

Alex Lawson
Health Care Research Associate

America’s Affordable Health Choices Act: Implementation Timeline

In 2010, the House Proposal Will:
• Prevent insurance companies from rescinding existing health insurance policies
• Reduce paperwork and other administrative burdens and costs in the current health care system
• Help companies that provide health benefits for early retirees aged 55-64
• Prevent pay cuts for physicians and enhance payment for primary care services under Medicare
• Encourage new organizations among physicians that will increase quality and efficiency of care
• Expand preventive care services in Medicare, Medicaid, and local care centers
• Give discounts on drugs to certain rural and other hospitals
• Allow states to extend Medicaid coverage, with federal support, to HIV patients
• Provide for 12-month continuous eligibility in CHIP [Children’s Health Insurance Program]
• Sustain the National Health Service Corps, enlarge workforce training programs, increase reimbursement for primary care in Medicaid, and increase funds for community health centers

In 2011-2012, the House proposal will:
• By establishing new standards, increase the value of health insurance and lower premiums
• Narrow gaps in drug coverage under Medicare Part D and eliminate barriers and increase financial assistance for low-income enrollees

In 2013, the House proposal will:
• Prohibit insurance companies from refusing to sell or renew policies due to an individual’s health status and excluding coverage for treatments based on pre-existing health conditions.
• Limit insurers’ ability to charge higher rates due to heath status, gender, or other factors and cap the amount by which premiums can vary based on age, geography and family size
• Open the Exchange to uninsured individuals and to employers with fewer than ten employees
• Create a new public health insurance plan available only within the Exchange
• Make Health Insurance Affordability Credits available through the Exchange
• Require individuals to obtain acceptable health insurance coverage or pay a small penalty
• Require employers, by 2018, to cover workers and their families or pay a small penalty
• Exempt businesses with annual payrolls under $250,000 from the requirement to offer coverage, introduce small penalties for businesses with payrolls between $300,000 and $400,000, and provide a tax credit to small businesses that choose to provide health coverage
• Expand Medicaid – with full federal funding – to 133% of poverty
• Provide temporary Medicaid coverage to babies born without proof of other health coverage

In 2014-2018, the House proposal will
• 2014: open the Exchange to businesses with up to 20 employees and to individuals who cannot afford their employer-sponsored coverage
• 2015: continue expanding the Exchange to larger employers as circumstances allow
• 2018: end the grace period for employers outside the Exchange and require them to meet essential benefits package and minimum contribution levels

Source: House Tri-Committee, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act: Implementation Timeline,” July 2009.

[And for more detail]


1. Jackie Durkee - July 23, 2009

At http://www.FaithfulinPrayer.wordpress.com, I’m writing a series of articles outlining what the the actual House bill (h.r.3200) says.
So far, I’m at Subtitle 2 of Title II of Division A. Tomorrow will be Subtitle 3.
Join the Journey!

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