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Tolls are ridiculous! May 31, 2009

Posted by agstick in Travel.
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First I want to thank Afflatus for adding me to the blog. I hope my posts enrich the already dope material on it. I’m on am iPod right now so I apologize up front for any typos and what not.

Anyway, having just got back from a semester in Madrid two weeks ago I went to visit some of my boys down at school in DC. Ever since I started driving my family has had the EZ-Pass so I haven’t payed much attention to toll prices…until today. While stuck in traffic at the GW bridge (connecting New Jersey and New York City) I decided road signs would be a terrific way to pass the time. One of these forms of reading material informed me that it currently costs $8 to cross the Hudson River. To put that in perspective, a bus ticket from NYC to DC costs $20. For $12 more dollars than the bridge toll one can travel hundreds of miles down the east coast. Though I am not one New Jersey commuters should be livid if they are not already.