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Blinded By War June 16, 2009

Posted by surfair in World Affairs.
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“If there’s a United States of America, why can’t there be a United States of Africa?”

Slowly the wrongs are being righted in Africa. The continent has been through plenty of social struggle, but thanks to the efforts of organizations such as the inspiring African Union, the continent’s infighting is being fought.

The African Union (AU) is an intergovernmental agency consisting of 53 African states; a successor to a plethora of confederations organized since the 1960’s focused on African unity. They’ve spread their resources across a variety of issues plaguing the region from AIDS to the humanitarian crisis in  Zimbabwe. Most recently they’ve been caught by the international headlines for their peacekeeping efforts in Mogadishu, Somalia. Unfortunately the story is a grave one. 11641252-11641255-large

More like suicidal. With only 4,300 troops stationed in the city, the AU defend a dismal future against the bombarding Islamist rebel forces. Their stand is a heroic one at best and with the latest wave of rebel onslaught, their efforts have once again  grabbed the media’s attention.  France 24 provided a great inside look at life in the city with cameras following military convoysALeqM5jRc0QwFHTVRdip_0oo6hG6TAtdsA

However, AU’s violent defensive efforts should not overshadow their day-to-day philanthropic actions. Helping out the city’s poor with food and basic public health has been a great benefit to the Mogodish-ian-er-um-i-think-um-people. All these military and aid operations in Mogadishu are under the fingers of a puppeteer;  the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

This faction of the AU is devoted to peaceful assistance in the Somali area and their recognition is long overdue. Don’t forget, that this is just one of several conflicts this confederacy remains involved with currently. So we tip our hats to you, African Union. Maybe some day there will be a United States of Africa, until then let us all strive for peace.