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A Poem I Wrote Today May 21, 2009

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Fuck That Humble Mumble

It’s non-negotiable that

I can be a little too devotional,

To the cause of my own demise.


Hold up.

Does that come as a surprise?

Your hands choking your dreams?

Take a card, wait in line.

You’re never going to get out of your mind.

When the cracker crumbles,

You fumble.

This isn’t the jungle.

And even if it was,

You wouldn’t play that game.

But the clock keeps ticking.

It’s all about you.

And you’re too scared.

You’re too comfortable.



Fuck it,

I’ll do it anyway.

Think I’ll just re-route my dreams.

Thanks OutKast.

The Porch May 14, 2009

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A joint effort (poem?) by Jason, Dani, and me. Written at the beach on that wonderful porch:

Yo this one eyed gravediggin bowl is taking its toll
I feel the rush to my head, starting to feel a lil dead
I disagree, to a degree, about humanity,
J flack, jmarq and danny boy,
On some other shit like soy,
Float, moat, boat into the sea.

Why do some folks need religion?
I just need to be sittin here, chillin.
Evangelize, vandalize, get away from me
Quit peddlin shit to kids in the land of the free.

This is the land of the free?
Yes, that has been constantly told to me.
But all I can see, looking through history,
Is institutionalized slavery, poverty, and shrubbery.

Hiding in the crevices of the roots,
A once serene memory dissolves into suitcases and suits,
The land engulfed an indigenous people,
Brutally displaced and erased,
I stop to pick up trash on the hot asphalt below.
And stare into the earth’s face.

And I’m asking myself:
“What could I have done?”
Taking books off the shelf
Trying to piece it back together.

My bookshelf and I are reading together
I’m rewinding through history learning about the past.
I’ve past the war that was Cold, past all living memory that could be told.
Past the Middle Ages, now approaching Rome, on my way home.

MEEEeeeeRHAPSODYtruthpowerpeace MEEEeeeeRHAPSODYtruthpowerpeace
MEEEeeeeRHAPSODYtruthpowerpeace MEEEeeeeRHAPSODYtruthpowerpeace

The Bluest Eye Vs. Beautiful Skin April 7, 2009

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Hey guys,

I know haven’t blogged in a little while but right now I’m sitting in my living room at the table listening to a Goodie Mob song called “Beautiful Skin”. It’s fucking haunting me. First of all it’s a really really good song. (Jon, you get the assist for showing it to me). Dope beat. Dope chorus. And on the first verse, Cee-Lo kills it. He absolutely destroys it. But I’m not just writing about this song right now because it’s really good.

I recently read a book by Toni Morrison in one of my English classes called The Bluest Eye.

Some background:

Toni Morrison was born in 1931 in Lorrain, Ohio in a working class family. Thats “Depression era” working class. The second child in a family of four.  The Bluest Eye was published in 1970, her first novel, to rave reviews. But in 2001 it was banned from school reading lists by angry parents in Bakersfield, California. Just keep that in mind.

I swear there is a connection here.

The first thing you have to do though is stop reading this blog immediately if you don’t have the song “Beautiful Skin” by Goodie Mob and go download it. When you have done so OR if you already have the song then play it while you read the lyrics to Cee-lo’s verse and the first chorus. After the first chorus stop the song. Here are the lyrics: